Pick a Vase, Any Vase!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I am sure you are wondering how you can quickly spruce up your home before your guests arrive. What not better way to do this than to use what you have in your own home?!

Something that is always good to accessorize with, and in different ways I might add are vases! Some vases make such a statement you don’t even need flowers. There are also some objects like pitchers and champagne buckets that can be used to hold floral arrangements as well. Every space needs some type of nature to bring out some life, especially on Thanksgiving so we selected a few different types for you to explore:  

One bud and you are good to go! Red carnations work well. Make sure you see just the flower head, no stem.
1. Bud Vases for table setting / 2. CB2 Curved and Mini Vase / 3. Ballard Design Mercury Vases / 4. Matte Mint Bud Vase / 5. Red Carnation Flower / 6. Pomegranate Bud Vase

Don’t’ even need flowers. Use as an object. We suggest gathering these from past travels. This is a great way to add a sense of history & amp; culture to a space.
Balsamo Ceramic Vases


Use for entertaining! We like to dress up our champagne buckets with just a few stems.
1. Pottery Barn Nira Ice Bucket / 2. Oscar de la Renta Bucket / 3. Silver Champagne Bucket

A pitcher looks terrific with flowers. Tulips are our ‘go to’ on this one!
There is an endless amount of these art form vases. May we suggest the Aalvar Alto Vase shown below? These are iconic. These can also be very sculptural and will look great on their own.
1. MOMA Aalto Vase / 2. 1st Dibs Cornucopia Vases / 3. Anthropologie Pansy Vase

Good with peonies, lily of the valley, anemones w/ white or black centers, and lily of the valley. Using a small vase/glass in the kitchen can add a classic touch.
1. Lily of the Valley Flower / 2. Jamali Silver Plated Julep Cup / 3. Juliska Mini Vase Trio / 4. Peonies 

Silver cups are great for entertaining such as a table setting.

1. J Randall Powers / 2. Reed and Barton Baby Cups / 3. Williams - Sonoma Presidio Silver Cups / 4. Michael C. Fina Sterling Cup / 5. Reed and Barton Hammered Cup 

Hold onto those glass bottles when you finish a bottle of wine or other beverages. Just rinse them out and fill with your choice of flowers. Irises would look great since they are tall.
Better Homes and Gardens - Glass Bottles

Now that we gave you a brief look at different ways to display floral, let us know how you style them in your own home! What are your favorite types of flowers to style with? 

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