Need To Paint? What Really Matters!

Nothing can change a room more than PAINT. It is probably one of the most, if not the most important decisions, when designing a space. 

When you think about paint the first thing that comes to your mind is probably color, right?  What about the FINISH? This is actually a very important element to consider when choosing that special paint. Matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, high gloss, how are we to choose? Well here are some tips….

Matte: Creates a softness. Gives warmth to a room and a cozy atmosphere. Matte gives a true tone of color. Good to use in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Try to avoid this finish in kitchens and bathrooms.

Cleanliness: Hard to clean, but some companies such as Benjamin Moore offer a Regal Matte Finish that has better washability!

Flat: Little or no sheen. It is great to use if there are small imperfections on the wall. It also reduces light glare. This finish would be great to use on ceilings or textured walls. It is good to use in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Try to avoid this finish in kitchen, bathrooms and high traffic areas.

Cleanliness: Hard to clean, but some companies such as Benjamin Moore offer their Regal Flat Finish which has better washability!  

Eggshell: Has a VERY low sheen like seen on an egg (hence the name eggshell)! It has only a slight hint of shine or gloss. It resist stains better than a flat finish and can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. This is great for walls in all areas.

Cleanliness: Washable finish that can be easily touched up.

Satin (my personal favorite): Think of it as a “pearl like sheen”. To me it’s the perfect amount of gloss. Use on trims to make them pop a little, such as in a baby’s room. This would also be good to use for laundry and powder rooms. I like this finish for cabinetry also! This would work well in areas with high traffic.

Cleanliness: Scrubbable

Semi-Gloss: Has a noticeable gloss and sheen, but not as noticeable as high-gloss. Gloss heightens, it adds a focus, say to one particular wall. It can be viewed as a clean surface and gives a little something special. BE CAREFUL however, because this finish reflects some LIGHT. If a room has the right kind of lighting though it can reflect in such a sparkling way. This works wonders for trims and moldings. Also works well in bathrooms and kitchens since it is more resistant to humidity.

Cleanliness: Easy to clean and scrubbable

High-Gloss/Lacquer: is normally not used for residential interiors but lately it has been trending and we have been seeing it used more often. If you want a dramatic look though, such as on furniture, trim or cabinets go for it! Just be careful because it will show any imperfection and can be difficult to touch up. If you want this on a wall make sure the surface is completely smooth and as perfect as can be!

Cleanliness: Most durable and easiest to clean.

Chalk Paint: Has quite a matte (chalky) finish. You can use this just about ANYWHERE! It is very easy to work with and we urge you to be creative with this one! Use it on pantry doors to write notes or recipes, in an office for to-do lists or inspirational quotes. A children’s room would be perfect. Kiddies can have fun and let their imagination run wild! Use it in a creative way, have them write their homework lists, math problems, word spelling, the list is endless! Look out for future posts on this one! Let us get to you know YOUR creative side! Where would you use chalk paint and why? 

Cleanliness: Durable and easy to clean. We suggest using a wet sponge to make the surface look completely new!

Remember, these are tips not rules. Get creative, mix and match finishes and use what suites you best. Paint can always be touched up somehow with a little elbow grease! Tell us….what is in your home and your favorite finish to use? 

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