Mirrors Can Make A Big Difference

What do you think of when you hear the term “mirror”? Something that you look into, to just see ones reflection? Yes, that is the main purpose of a mirror, but it can mean so much more to us than that. Mirrors are a great accent to add to a space whether they are straight off the shelf, custom, or salvaged and if you have a beautiful room, why not reflect it! They come in so many different shapes, sizes and styles and can really do wonders to a room. Mirrors can add depth, drama, elegance, illusion and work as a form of art. There are many ways to play around with them so get inspired with these eye-catching images below! 

Mirrors are good to have in a dark room. Light can reflect off mirrors and make a room seem brighter.

Use mirrors to create a sense of more space, which fools the eye into making the space seem bigger. Covering a whole wall with mirrored panels can really do the trick and create a dramatic affect. Also, not to mention glamorous! However this can get a bit expensive. A great alternate could be using a mirrored screen panel.

Large Mirrors can add dimension to a small space.

Floor mirrors add a grounded touch and make a space feel taller with the vertical lines.

Place them correctly in relation to a window and they can reflect natural light, which will create warmth to a room and help brighten up the space.

Have fun and cover your wall with mirrors. Create a collage and use as a form of art! This can also help create a flow in the space.

Why not layer your mirrors to create a double affect. Don’t forget to be creative and layer artwork on top as well! This creates a great focal point.

In what form do you use your mirrors?

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