March 2014 Current Obsessions!

That time of the month is here again! Here are some of our current obsessions for the month of March. We came across great furniture pieces as well as some accessories. Let us know what new finds you came across this month!

Furniture & Lighting


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Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors!

Since we recently did a post on how mirrors can create a big impact in a space, we decided to do some sourcing for our readers and share some of the fabulous mirrors that we are currently loving on the web. If you’re on a budget, some shops such as Ikea have some great inexpensive frameless mirrors that you can frame yourself. Try also purchasing a few in different shapes and sizes and create a collage on a wall. Want a creative way to hang them? Use a ribbon from a craft store or even a rope. This would make a great DIY. There are endless possibilities so get that brain thinking! Don’t forget about flea markets and consignment shops that can also have some great finds as well.

Happy shopping and let us know which mirror is an eye-catcher for you! If you have any DIY mirrors, post them on Instagram and tag us so we can see your own creation.




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February 2014 Current Obsessions!

We are just a few days late with our February obsessions, but hey better late then never! This month’s obsession we came across some really great pieces that can be a great new addition into your homes. Let us know what great new finds you came across this month so we can take a look at them and share them in a future post!




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