April 2014 Current Obsessions

It’s that time again! April obsessions are here and there is a lot of diversity this month! Each one of our clients is distinctive from one another and they all envision different styles in their homes. One day we'll be sourcing traditional pieces, and then the next day art deco or modern.  Lets not forget mixing and matching certain items can create a fun and interesting space. Learn what you like and try to mix it up every now and then. You might be surprised at what you come up with in a space. Tell us, what is your favorite style of design and what were your favorite picks this month?




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Lucite Lovin'

Lucite has been a trend in the past that many designers liked to use back in the 1960-70’s and it is becoming more and more popular today. It is an easy way to add modern chic to any room. These Lucite pieces can ultimately blend into any space and enhance elegance and glam.

The quality of all Lucite varies, as thicker seamless pieces tend to price on the higher side but if you compare something less expensive and really want to make a statement, sometimes it is worth the splurge! In some cases you are able to custom designing pieces and choose the thickness and sometimes even add a hint of color. Keep in mind the thicker the acrylic, the more it will cost.

Lucite furniture can be a great choice for a space that has a lot of color, pattern and texture throughout, making all focus on the other “stars” in the rooms rather then the piece itself. At the end of the day who doesn’t love Lucite?! It can add a whimsical touch, be molding into pretty much and shape and form, and either make a statement or subtly disappear.

Let us know what Lucite finds you love and how you like to use them in your space !

Spring Has Sprung

So happy that SPRING has finally arrived and that it is ACTUALLY starting to warm up, here in NY!  It is so nice to hear the birds chirp in the morning (although this has been happening for quite some time), I can’t seem to get enough of it. The sun is also shining and brightening the day. Just patiently waiting for those flowers to bloom outside and that can’t come soon enough!

Come spring, comes new inspiring thoughts, which means sourcing new accessories and new finishing touches to bring the outdoors in. There’s nothing like pastel colors, flowers, and object that remind you of warm spring and summer days to really liven and brighten up a space. This is also a great excuse to change up a room, and I am always looking for an excuse. So, of course, I am sourcing inspirations left and right for new things to bring into my home, so I thought I’d share with you all some great inspiring images I found for spring.

Ohh…lets not forget I sourced some great items from some of our favorite shops so make sure you scroll ALL the way down!

Check out the below items that can help spruce up your home for SPRING!

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