Exciting News: Our First Official Post!

Hello readers and WELCOME to the XVI design and style blog. For our first blog post we thought you might want to learn about us, and what this blog will entitle. So grab a blanket, cozy up, and start reading!

  Who are we?


We are two interior designers looking to share our creative touch on everything we do. If you want to learn all about our silly selves check out our "Meet The Girls" page.

Why are we blogging?

How many of you walk into a space love the look and want to know where and how you can get that look?! As real interior designers we get this all the time (obviously). There are so many fundamentals when it comes to designing a space whether it is a retail space, office, restaurant, and most of all, your HOME! So our goal is to share our everyday inspirations and knowledge that we surround ourselves with during our everyday lives.  As interior designers we would like to help YOU get that look while also learning about this industry.

What will we be blogging about? Well, below is a sneak peek…..

 architecture, furniture, interior spaces, fabric, products, lighting, vendors, accessories….

Pretty much anything to do with Interior Design. J We won’t be really posting about our personal lives, but if it is requested frequently we will. We want to keep our readers happy so we are open to any suggestions that you may have and encourage it!

Now that you know a bit about us and XVI design and style please feel free to leave your comments, email us or contact us through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest! We hope that you follow us along for the journey of our blog and whatever we may excursion on in the future.

We hope that you, our readers enjoy this blog and get something out of it every time you visit us. Read, explore, learn, get inspired and most of all have FUN! 

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