September 2014 Current Obsessions

Goodbye sweet, sweet summer and hello FALL!!! I hope that everyone enjoyed their summer because it is time to prepare for colorful leaves, cool weather, and warm clothing. I have to say I am loving that pumpkin coffee is back in town and I am so exited for all the apple and pumkin’ picking! It gives a great excuse to bake some pies and other sweet treats! J Though, my favorite part of fall is all the decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving, YAY!

Since we are currently so inspired by this season and the holidays coming up we decided to dedicate our September favorites to fall. Check out how this season has inspired our obsessions for this month with woods, textures, patterns and colors. Tell us what has been inspiring you lately for fall!



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Marimekko Fever

Marimekko! Pretty cool name right? I first heard of Marimekko when I started my first job (still current). It was so different. So colorful. So creative.  So modern, chic and sophisticated. The store itself is a playground, ready to shop in.

Marimekko was established in 1951 and is a Finnish (1 of the 2 official languages of Finland) textile and clothing design companies known for its original prints, colors and readymade products. The brand is so distinct it is almost impossible to pass by a print and say: “THAT is Marimekko”. They heavily stand apart from everything else and that is what I love about them not to mention their very creative, bold prints.

In 1960 Jackie Kennedy herself posed on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a sleeveless red Marimekko dress. It was an instant hit and soon spread the word on this newly developed company. In 1974 over 300 patterns had been printed on fabric. They went from fashion clothing, to bags to home accessories! Marimekko’s textiles are printed on cotton and linen fabrics. The collections also include a variety of goods such as kitchen and tabletop products, bed lines and bathroom textiles.

Marimekko can be seen in magazines, Crate and Barrel, Banana Republic and even on airlines! They continue to grow their company and I can’t wait to see what is next! Below get a small glimpse of Marimekko and tell us what you think!

Color Stripes

Shop some of our favorite patterns/accessories from Marimekko!

The themes for the prints are drawn from life and the world: nature, events and people.”

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August 2014 Obsessions

Hey XVI followers, as you may know August is coming to an end and its that time of the month where we enjoy posting some new and interesting things we have come across this past month. A lot of the time we find new and interesting items by sourcing for a project, or getting new product emails from our vendors. We always enjoy seeing new products for all types of installations! The design world is never ending with new, unique and creative items and its always exciting when they are available to go see in the area and appreciate them in person. The Internet has consumed our lives and most of the time we don’t get to appreciate the details many of these products have. So go get out there and take advantage of what is in your area and let us know which great pieces you find!

Furniture & Lighting

Finishing Touches

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