January 2014 Current Obsessions!

Our January 2014 obsessions are here! Below are some cool things we have been currently obsessing over while sourcing for our clients so tag along and shop with us! Tell us what items you have your eye on!




Which is your favorite? 

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Pillows $60 and UNDER!

We have always loved a good accent pillow! It is such a good way to change up a space in a little way for not spending much. It gives a different look and a change of “scenery” without having to change an entire room. Many designers custom make pillows and the cost adds up between labor, fabrics and trims. Good quality, ready-made pillows can be a bit pricy also and lets face it, we ARE for the most part always on a budget. So we decided to do some digging and found some FABULOUS pillows and pillow covers for just $60 AND UNDER!!! Is that awesome or what?

Let us know which pillow is your favorite! 

 Happy shopping!

If you purchase any of these lovely pillows make sure to check back in with us and let us know how you like it! Upload a picture of the pillow(s) you purchased on instagram and don't forget to tag us!

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Put a Little Glitz in your Art !

There is some great artwork out there these days but not everyone has those high-end budgets and can afford some of those name brand artist or commission a piece for their space. We came across some pieces that will dazzle and sparkle up your space for less. These particular pieces of art have glitter and metallic accents because who doesn’t like a little sparkle?!  Not only are these pieces for sale but also some are even simple enough to make a DIY project out of them. You can customize them to fit your space and to add those finishing touches to make a statement. Let us know what glitz you purchased for your space or made and send us some photos of it!

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Thinking of Decorating with Stripes?

Lately, I have been loving stripes! It is such a great pattern and can really make a difference in a space. They are so versatile; the options are endless. You can use them in a traditional setting with tone on tone color or go totally modern with bright, bold colors. One can decide between ticking stripes (my favorite), awning stripes, candy stripes, pinstripes, the list can go on.
Below are some creative ways to use stripes in different ways. Really take a look and see how stripes really affect the room and create an impact whether big or small.

Are you afraid of using stripes? Don’t be! Just a dash of this lovely motif can do the trick such as on a tablecloth, curtains, lamps or pillows. Use it as an accent.

Elle Decor

Stripes can add great drama to a room with contrasting colors and large stripes. You would be surprised as to how many designers use this method such as Dorothy Draper and Kelly Wearstler. It can take on a whole new look and create something dramatic and eye catching. 

Elle Decor

Multicolor stripes can be fun and add excitement.

Lonny Magazine

If you want to be subtle you can use monochromatic stripes, which will add a softer touch.

Elle Decor

The direction of stripes can also create a certain illusion in a room, meaning they have the power to reshape it. Using vertical stripes on a wall can make the space feel taller and add height, where using horizontal stripes on a wall can make the space feel wider.

Miles Redd

Stripes can really liven up a room and create a sense of harmony. They can mix beautifully with floral patterns or solid colors. Adding a stripe can really unify the space especially when there is more than 1 color in the stripe. A stripe is very simple and can interact with any pattern as well as the style of design.
Tell us, what is your take on stripes? Is it a do or don’t for you?

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