All Natural

There has been an abundance of the ‘natural look’ coming back into interiors. A mix of woods, metals, stones and textiles such as grass cloth are making a big come back. As we work with many different vendors in our trade we have seen several of them with their new products and all have been showing some sort of natural material.

We love the look of bringing nature inside a home. Many interiors that have the opportunity to have very large windows making the view of the outdoors a focal point. Others can build architecture around nature, incorporating it into a space without destroying it, and individuals in the city life can use products like woods & stones to accomplish the nature-like feel.

Don’t be fooled that the natural look only tends to be a rustic kind of feel. You can absolutely achieve a contemporary and modern look with using natural elements as well!

Nature is a beautiful, soothing element. You can create an interior that is organic, calming and stunning. How you create it is up to you! Let us know what natural interiors you’ve seen and the mood it puts you in!

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