10 Repurposing Items to Use as a Nightstand

Nightstand. What comes to your mind when you hear this word? A small table, usually with a drawer, shelf or cabinet right? When I moved into my apartment, I realized I only had 1 nightstand, when I now needed 2! I searched and searched and the only nightstands I actually loved were out of my budget (of course!), so I ended up not purchasing any. It turns out my windows were directly beside my bed on either side with a 15” windowsill, so the night I moved in I stacked my reading books, placed my cup of water and phone on the sill and that was it! My windowsills now became my new “nightstand”.

A nightstand is something to place things on that you want right before you go to bed or right when you wake up. Pretty simple right? If you don’t have the budget or can’t find anything you love, think of repurposing items you already have! Below are 10 examples of what you could repurpose as a nightstand.

1) Bar Cart
Everyone loves a bar cart! They are so versatile why not use them as a nightstand?

2) Shelf
Incase you don’t have a windowsill like myself add a simple shelf to the wall, or 2! They are so inexpensive and good for small spaces.

3) Chest
If you have a chest, which I am sure some people do from their parents or grandparents, grab that puppy, dust it off and use it as a nightstand. They give off a cool, vintage vibe that you will love to show off to family and friends. Imagine all the storage space you will have.

4) Desk
That’s right a desk! Why not make a double use out of it? We are all familiar with those late nights on the computer and then the feeling of just wanting to crawl into bed. This is the perfect solution for that!

5) Chair
I have seen this used in quite a few homes and I love it. No nightstand? Pull up a chair.

6) Stool
These can be used anywhere since they are of a smaller scale and people usually have more than one floating around so why not put it to use?

7) Vintage Suitcase
Similar to the chest, they can give off a really cool, hip vibe. Pile up those old suitcases and make them useful.

8) Books
I started seeing this on the web and could not believe what a great idea it was. If you are a book or magazine hoarder, this is the choice for you!

9) Stepladder
Have a stepladder laying around in a closet or basement? Take it out and use it as a nightstand. The steps give you an advantage to display objects and make it a real decorative element.

10) ??
I left this one for our readers. Tell us what you have or would repurpose as a nightstand!

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