Jeremiah Goodman

I cannot recall how I stumbled across Jeremiah Goodman’s illustrations, but I do remember being so wowed by his beautiful artwork, I just had to blog about them. There is just something so magical about these masterpieces and I am sure you will feel the same way after reading this post!

Jeremiah was an artist from the beginning of his childhood. He had great support from his family and attended Franklin School of Professional Arts. After, he attended classes at Parson’s School of Design to increase his education and painting techniques. He later worked for decorator Joseph Platt and later on Lord & Taylor. He began to receive commissions from architects and interior designers such as Philip Johnson and Eleanor Le Maire. He captured generations of interiors done by famous architects and interior decorators and now has a significant influence in the field. His artwork is very dramatic. He uses saturated color, distinct brush strokes, spatter techniques and strong shadowing. He has a special hand and one can easily tell when a piece of art is done by Jeremiah.

His work can also be seen in many magazines. Jeremiah began illustrating the cover of Interior Magazine from 1949 to late 1964. Within the same timeframe he created illustrations for Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and House and Garden.

Jeremiah Goodman currently lives in his Upper East Side apartment, and at 91 still continues his work today. Jeremiah inspires individual everyday and I think you will appreciate this wonderful artist, so enjoy these selected illustrations of interiors by Jeremiah Goodman! Let us know which one is your favorite.

Caroline Herrera

Bruce Weber’s living room Golden Beach, Florida

David Hicks 

Riviere Fantasy - View South of France

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