Pillows $60 and UNDER!

We have always loved a good accent pillow! It is such a good way to change up a space in a little way for not spending much. It gives a different look and a change of “scenery” without having to change an entire room. Many designers custom make pillows and the cost adds up between labor, fabrics and trims. Good quality, ready-made pillows can be a bit pricy also and lets face it, we ARE for the most part always on a budget. So we decided to do some digging and found some FABULOUS pillows and pillow covers for just $60 AND UNDER!!! Is that awesome or what?

Let us know which pillow is your favorite! 

 Happy shopping!

If you purchase any of these lovely pillows make sure to check back in with us and let us know how you like it! Upload a picture of the pillow(s) you purchased on instagram and don't forget to tag us!

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